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    Why is the download panel in Japanese?

    pwillener Level 8

      Windows 7 Pro x64 (English version), Waterfox 13, as well as IE9.


      Tried to download Digital Editions today in order to reproduce a problem someone else was having.

      1. went to http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/
      2. click on Download now
      3. click on インストール
      4. click on インストール again
      5. click on はい
      6. now this panel opens

      Now I really don't know how to continue; my Japanese is not good enough.


      Why does the installation have to be in Japanese?

      How can I change it to English?


      P.S. and an additional question: if I continue the installation here with the default values, will the installed product UI also be in Japanese?