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    alternate to iframe inside a CQ5 page


      Hi ,


      I need to load a content/mypage.htmlwhich has been developed using cq5 page component into a page component. i have used iframe to load the content.the html file has videos. here are the suggestions i needed.


      1. Alternate to iframe to load content in cq5.

      2. when i use iframe in safari 5.0, content gets collapsed.


      please help me to resolve these



      Raja R

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          Hi Raja,


          Could you provide a little more detail?


          I think you're saying that:


          • You have 2 pages - page A and page B
          • You want to include some or all of the content of page A on page B


          If so - there are a number of ways you could go about this... Sling is very good at this kind of thing - as it allows you to include the output of rendering another resource at any time (check sling:include tag or sling.include within a scriptlet).


          A good start would be to try using the reference component, which uses Sling's include capabilities to dynamically include content from one parsys (ie on page A) in another (ie on page 2). If you edit the 'reference' property in the dialog directly, you can even include the whole page (header and all) although this is likely to generate invalid HTML.


          Hope this helps,