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    Problems previewing InDesign CS5.5 exported EPUBs in Apple iBooks, on an iOS device.

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      I have EPUB Creation problems when I use my InDesign CS 5.5 document from my first EPUB book, as a template to create my other two EPUB books.


      My customer gave me a job that forced me to learn how to do EPUBs – and I'm still learning.  I created three books in Design CS 5.5, for fixed page PDF, with interactive table of contents and for exporting to a regular EPUB, with auto-reflow formatting and automated table of contents. These books were not created for print. 


      After I created the first one and successfully exported to an EPUB, that previewed fine in free Adobe Additions, I used the first InDesign CS 5.5 document as a template to create the other two publications.  These books were around a hundred pages, or less, with little or no placed jpeg images except on the three books' covers, so I did not create a Book.indb for each publication.  Each book is completed in single InDesign files with their own unique front cover art on their first page.


      When my customer previewed the three books on his iPad, in iBooks, all three books show the cover of the first book, when you see them on the iBooks library shelf.  Then when you open them, you see the correct cover for that specific book and the correct interior pages.


      When I open each InDesign file and open the File Information tabbed dialog, I have a different document title entered for each of the three different books.  When I export to EPUB, the EPUB Export Option dialog pops up and I have selected "Include Document Metadata."  I entered the Publisher name and a separate Unique Identifier for each book, when I export.


      After I emailed the three EPUBs to my iPod Touch, all three showed up in my iBooks library but when you see them on the library shelf they have the first book's cover on all three.  So I have a redundant cover preview on the library bookshelf icons, in the iBooks app, running in Apple iOS.


      I have two books by Elizabeth Castro about Creating EPUBs with InDesign.  I'm going to read them some more, especially the part about preparing your EPUB for Apple iBooks, on iOS.  But, I thought I would share my problem here to see if anyone has a solution for me.  Thanks.

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          I often end up answering my own questions but I will do so again, this time, so that others can learn.  When you are exporting to EPUB in InDesign CS 5.5, an EPUB Export Options diolog appears.  Under "EPUB Cover," select "Use Existing Image file" and choose the actual file that was used on on the first page of the InDesign document, for the new book's cover.


          This feature can cause inbedded human error if you use a completed Indesign book as a template to create other books because even though you placed a new cover at the beginning of the book, the Export options still has the cover file selected for the previous book you worked on.


          I actually got the answer to my problem with the InDesign Help Menu, when InDesign CS 5.5 is launched.