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    Titler text styles

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          I have been searching all over the web without a glimpse of any pointer as to if and how it's possible to apply styles and templates to multiple text / title objects on the timeline. I find it very hard to believe it shouldn't, considering much more complicated cross-application update operations are possible today (dynamic link and all). Beautifully import a sequence worth 1000 subtitles from FCP, and then having to adjust them one by one? Posting this here because this is where I'd expect the answer. Thank you.

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            A really good question, Peter. If you are to find a solution, I'd be happy to hear it. Now I just have to make the first title and then click the "New title based on current title".

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              Posting this here because this is where I'd expect the answer. Thank you.


              O.K  The answer is you can not apply styles and templates to ...


              multiple text / title objects on the timeline


              In Premiere Pro.



              Is that even possible in FCP...because I doubt it (from my own experiences with creating titles in FCP)  It was not even possible to have multiple fonts in the same graphic.

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                I don't really care about FCP. In Adobe Encore you can apply all possible property changes of subtitle items to any number of selected items at once. In Premiere, so it appears, you have to make changes to every item individually.

                I find it very hard to take that for a fact, as Premiere has been around for like 20 years.

                Quite a few FCP users do the subtitles in the program itself (and this is not the place to judge them for it). I have them export to xml that I can bring into Encore, where I can do the positioning and formatting without a problem. I can import the same xml into Premiere, but there they cannot be adjusted. There is a workaround going by way of After Effects and a third party script and successive dynamic linking to Premiere. But you might as well find yourself having created some 50 or a hundred titles in Premiere and the client wants the font 2 points up. So why can't you do it as simple and effectively as in Encore?

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  PP just doean't have any CSS-like functioanlity yet.


                  I agree it'd be an excellent idea, though.  The ability to create a style sheet, and have selected titles use that style sheet, could save a LOT of man hours when the client suddenly wants to change the font color.



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                    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                    Please make a feature request: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish

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                      jims46076184 Level 1

                      Will do, thanks. Good to see Adobe team at least takes note of users' issues by actually reading these discussions.