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    Realtime external data

      I need to get a small amount of data from an external computer into flash at 30 fps. Currently I am using an XMLSocket and calling the onXML event which processes the data and updates flash. The flash movie is set to 30 fps but the data does not update at that speed. I have a lot of control over the data on the other end so any method that is fast should be fine. Thanks.
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          blemmo Level 1
          I think a socket should be the fastest way. You can try to use the onData event instead of onXML, this won't parse the arriving data in a XML object, maybe this is a bit faster.

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            JacobAlbertson Level 1
            Thanks for the quick reply. I tried implementing the onData handler but it didn't seem to be a very fast improvement. The data should be coming in at 30 fps so i used the getTimer function to time how long it took between 30 frames ( should be 1 second) got from 1.5 to 1.8. Any other suggestions? Would it be faster to use loadVars? Thanks in advance