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    CQ55 Client Context user age


      Hi CQ people,


      I've been experimenting with the Client Context in 55, and have noticed some inconsistencies regarding the Profile Data Context Store.


      Firstly, if a user has an explicit 'age' profile property (but not a 'birthday')  then the context store will not pick this up (or rather, I think it get's overwritten somewhere in the javascript code which populates the context store object at the client). You should be able to see this by creating a new Geometrixx Online user and setting their age through the site's profile page...


      Secondly, if a user does have an birthday, their actual age seems to be miscalculated by the client context - for example, aparker@geometrixx.info (birthday = 27th Feb 1992) is currently showing at 19 years old in the client context on my machine!


      Has anybody else spotted this?





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          Ryan Lunka Level 3

          I would be surprised if the Client Context was set up as intelligent enough to deduce age from birthday (or anything similar).  It's basically set up as an example/starting point from which you can work.  Generally speaking, unless customized, I would expect Client Context attributes to exist pretty independently of one another.  They just map to properties in a cookie.

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            This is a known issue. Generally the birthday property is the only thing we can rely on, and all age-based targeting should be based on birthday and calculate the correct age.

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              tb7032 Level 1

              Thanks Lars and Ryan,


              You're right, having a user profile property of 'age' makes no sense at all, as it will just get out of date. Strange that the Geometrixx site profile page uses this, but I guess it's only an example.


              Are you able to reproduce the issue with the age being calculated incorrectly from the birthday? It was pretty easy to see using that user (in the ClientContext).


              I can't check now, and it's possible that I'm going mad, but I swear the age was being calculated wrongly...

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                LarsTrieloff Level 2

                Right now, user age is not calculated (as Ryan wrote) but it should (as I wrote), so you will definitely see inconsistencies.