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    Image Rename when Uploading with WebApp item

    Ray Wundebar



      I use default web app image field to let customers upload images together with web app items. This works fine unless the image name is not right. Say they are using "! ," or other non usable characters in image name and image is not retrieved with web app item.


      How can I control the rename process of the image? I've noticed BC adds to the image name web item's id and other number but can it be achieved to get rid of unallowed simbols in the name?


      Please let me know how could this be achieved (with JS maybe?). Its a big issue when users upload lots of images to their personal galleries and further gallery viewing stops because of one link is broken.


      Page in question: http://www.globalcastingcenter.com/talent-directory


      Talents have their profiles with galleries. I use JS lightbox to go through the gallery and if they upload 20 images and say 11th is broken none of the remaining can be viewed.