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    Greeting Card


      The message 'Valid size not available for this creation' is displayed when attempting to create a greeting card in accordance with the Adobe publication 'Classroom in a Book' page 93.  How do I resolve this issue?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You probably need to re-create the media database.


          See these instructions:



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            Suekim2 Level 1

            I have Elements 10 installed on an iMac.  I cannot find either the file Mediadatabase.db3 or the path given in the reference document, which seems to apply to a Macintosh as distinct from an iMac.

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Are you addding 10.0 in place of version number or whaterver version of PSE you are using?



              //Library/Application Support/Adobe/Photoshop Elements/10.0/Locale/en_US/



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                Suekim2 Level 1

                I don't understand your question.  Since my last posting, I have re-installed Elements 10 (version 10.0) from CD but the problem remains.

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                  99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                  Have you been able to locate and delete the file Mediadatabase.db3 using the path from System Library, which I assume is the same as \\Library. It will help if you also delete thumbsDatabase.db3 from the same folder, then empty the trash, restart your computer and launch elements again. Wait for the db’s to rebuild automatically.



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                    Suekim2 Level 1

                    The iMac file structure is quite different from anything mentioned so far.  The path: Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 10/Support Files/Locales/en_US leads to 4 folders Application_swfs; Layouts; Plug-ins and Support Files, none of which contain files named Mediadatabase.db3 or thumbsDatabase.db3.  The Elements 10 CD refers to Mac OS, which I assume implies compatibility with Mac OS X v.10.7.4. which I am using.  Part of my problem is that I have only very recently moved from a PC to an iMac and am still finding my way around the beast.

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                      99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      It's not in Applications.You may need to reveal hidden system files.



                      In the Finder, choose Go > Go To Folder.

                      In the Go To Folder dialog, type ~/Library

                      Click Go.





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                        Suekim2 Level 1

                        That was a useful bit of info; thanks.  Unfortunately, I still cannot find the two files of interest.  I have navigated the path Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 which leads to a single folder Presets.  I have examined every sub-folder etc but without success.  I have also tried the Finder>Find facility but this did not locate either of the two files.

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                          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Oh. Are you using the App Store Version?

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                            Suekim2 Level 1

                            No. I bought my Elements 10 CD directly from Adobe.  Incidentally, all of the 'Create' options work OK apart from the Greeting Card.

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                              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              That suggests that the mediadatabase is working ok with other creations. Are you running the application from an administrators account or a user account?


                              Can you do one more thing to locate the db3 file as the Adobe tech note could be wrong or out of date. Rather than system or username library can you try this file path:


                              Hard Driveà Libraryà Application Supportà Adobe->Photoshop Elementsà 10.0 à Locale à en-US



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                                Suekim2 Level 1

                                Elements 10 is running from my user account.


                                How do I access the path that you want me to navigate?  As I said, my iMac is a very recent aquisition and my system know-how is still very thin.


                                It is midnight where I am, so I am closing down for the next 8 hours or so.

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                                  99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                                  The only other suggestion is to change location which sometimes affects the available templates from the database.

                                  From the Organizer choose

                                  Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer à Preferences à Adobe Partner Services

                                  Under location click on the choose button and make sure the setting says United States & Canada

                                  If not change it and click OK.



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                                    Suekim2 Level 1

                                    I'm afraid that changing the location did not fix the problem.  Thanks for your help anyway.

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                                      99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                                      If the change of location trick didn’t work you may need to look at privilege settings. Many of the functions in PSE require privileges only available from an Administrators account. It may be the reason why you can’t locate the mediadatabase.db3 file from a user account.


                                      You can do one of three things:

                                      1. Log-in to you Administrators account and launch PSE

                                      2. Create a new Administrators account.

                                      3. Promote your users account to Administrator level.


                                      See this About guide:





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                                        Suekim2 Level 1

                                        OK problem now fixed.  On examination, I found that I was running an adminstrator's account (set up automatically when Mac OS X was installed) but automatic log-in was not selected.  It is not clear why the default manual log-in did not allow full adminstrator privileges.


                                        Thanks again for your generous assistance.