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    Small Video Size (FLV) (CS5.5)

    Jax24135 Level 3

      Hi all,


      I'm workign on making .FLV files to embed in our website for clients.


      I'm trying to export a 5 minute 1920x1080 slideshow (overkill, but the picture files (.JPGs) were 3072x2304) using 2500kpbs CBR. When I look at the estimated size it says the file will be 92 Mb - which is what I want.


      But after it exports the file is only 23 Mb, at this size the FLV player doesn't play the video back. I don't believe it's the FLV player as I've made other files and uploaded from other computers without any problems.


      I was able to export using another program and the file was 92 Mb and it plays back fine.


      I know the file size is just an estimate, but to be this drastically different? Has anyone else noticed/experienced this?



      Thanks in advance!


      - Jon


      Dell T7400

      16 Gb RAM

      Windows7 Ultimate Edition