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    A bit  confused

      BlaseDS, FDS, FDS Express there are just few names that contains Data Services.

      Which is recommended and what are the licenses for each of them.

      Any links that describe the best approach using remove object would be a nice to have.


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          If you are using ColdFusion 7.02 or 8 then Flex Data Services (Now called LiveCycleDataServices) is built into ColdFusion. The remoteObjects are part of this implementation. There is no need to use BlazeDS to be able to use Remote Objects with Flex And ColdFusion though there may be a reason to install BlazeDS if you are going to have the ColdFusion server compile your MXML code and you want to use the newer Flex 3 SDK. (I do not have this confirmed yet though.)

          If you installed Live Cycle Data Services ES when you installed your ColdFusion 8 Server (even if you do not have a license it is still avaialble. Just not multi-threaded.) Then you can use ther remoteObjects with little effort and you do not have to implement the full range of abilities of LCDS. Trust me in that RemoteObjects are a much better way to go then using Web Services with XML when you are dealing with ColdFusion. If you are not working with ColdFusion then you should be. :D

          As for the best options on how to use them. I found that I liked the approach described in the book Adobe Flex 2 Training from the source where they describe a data manager component for flex that is used with Web Services and XML. I later found that the same approach could be used with RemoteObjects and ColdFusion with little change. The link to the origional code is here:

          I modified the code a bit myself so that you could specify different CFC's by passing the path and have one instance of the datamanager per cfc if you wanted rather then one per endpoint.

          My code I posted to assist someone else in something similar. It is at this location:
          http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=60&catid=585&threadid =1334377&highlight_key=y&keyword1=DataManagerCF

          Due to issues with the Forums though the code has been mangled a bit. You will have to edit it to change for example the " back into real quotes.

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            Thanks for replying. I'm using J2EE. I think i got a better understanding of the whole thing.

            Right now I'm trying to understand if the only thing I need to do is to deploy the blazeds or there is something else I need to do!

            Thanks again!