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    Encore always transcodes my x264 compressed files


      Hi everyone. I'm about to go crazy working on my first Blu-Ray disc! I work on a Mac Pro using Encore CS6 on Mac OS X 10.6.8. I am looking to use an AVC/H.264 encoded file by the x264 compression engine, which is supposed to be the best out there. For this, I have tried using FFmpegX and Handbrake with regular settings (1920x1080p, 23,976fps, 16:9, constant quality) starting from an Uncompressed 10-bit output from my Premiere timeline.


      I am very satisfied by the compressed H264 outpout file, but no matter which application I use and the different configurations (tried different profiles inside Handbrake), everytime I import the  file, Encore sees it as a file that has to be Transcoded again. And of course you can imagine how the result looks like when an h264 file is encoded twice...


      I have tried reading every possible forum on the subject of H264 Blu-Ray compatible files... without any success. I desperately need your help!


      I have even tried pointing to the "encoded" file on my hard drive by telling Encore it has been encoded already, but the compilation of my Blu-Ray fails everytime when I does this.


      I have succeeded once to create a file with Handbrake that is "sometimes" accepted in Encore (happened twice, I think), but it's bitrate was too risky to my taste for compatibility (38mbps) and therefore was only a test. I have no idea why this one worked...

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