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      Hi Folks,

      So I've read plenty of forum posts regarding new builds, and after deciding on components I'm still left with the sticky issue of what RAM to install.

      My system comprises:


      Core i7-3930K 3.20GHz (Sandybridge-E) Socket LGA2011

      Gigabyte X79-UD5 Intel X79 (Socket 2011) DDR3 Motherboard [GA-X79-UD5]

      Almost any number of hard drives / RAID controllers (I work in IT)

      NZXT Phantom full ATX case

      Corsair Hydro H100 or Noctua (or similar - not too worried here...)

      Geforce GTX670 

      Decent PSU (again i have any choice..)


      I've read some of the previous posts about Samsung LV RAM (1.35v), however what is the best (fastest) known stable RAM that i can install with this system configuration and the maximum amount of it i can install? Surely someone has compiled test results or a list of working good memory? Any info or clarity on memory would be really much appreciated...

      Thanks in advance

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          Well....if you work primarily with Premiere Pro or some of the other Adobe apps, I believe you can get the biggest performance increases by increasing the amount of memory....rather than the speed of the memory.  Unless you are benchmarking, you are not going to really notice a difference in memory speeds once you get up past 1866 MHz.  And although you can buy, or overclock RAM to speeds much faster than this, it becomes harder and harder to overclock when you start getting dense memory and more sticks.  Have you thought about how much memory you want, and how many sticks you will use?  I think the Samsung memory is great.  You might also check out Corsair Dominator (either GT or Platinum).