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    Suggestion: interactive update of text while its path is transformed

    conroy Level 5

      I've been using Ps CS6 for a couple of months now, and I occasionally used CS5.1 before that. I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with its lack of interactive feedback during many manipulations. A lack of feedback which is provided in applications costing a small fraction of the price. This is 2012, Ps is a leading graphics app in some ways, but in other ways it is pitifully like a relic from the early 1990s.


      The latest case. You have text on a path and you decide to transform that path with Free Transform (Cmd+T). The positions of the text characters don't update while you manipulate the path! You don't see the changes until confirming the transform command. So you blindly transform again, confirm, and again, confirm, and again... again... again... until you chance upon the desired result.


      Please improve this, Adobe.