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    Dividing a solid circle into pie shapes

    Peter B. Bailey Level 1


      I've googled everywhere about this but can't find a working answer yet. I want to divide a solid circle into 5 equal parts. All of the suggestions out there suggest I use the "paste in place" function. I create a circle. I draw a horizontal line that's equal to the radius of the circle. I align it to the right and centered vertically in the circle. Then, I do a "paste in place." This confuses me because I see a little flash as it duplicates the line. But, when I try to rotate that second line 72 degrees, nothing happens. I don't see where that second line is that I supposedly duplicated from the first. So, I end up just duplicating the line, rotating it appropriately and try to have it start at the same point as the first line. I do this for 5 lines, 72 degrees from each other.


      360 degrees divided by 5 is 72. That's why I'm creating these lines 72 degrees from each other. And, I get my circle with 5 equal parts with these lines. But, they're just a bunch of lines. I want to use them to cut the circle into 5 pie shapes. I've tried compounding the paths, but, that doesn't work.


      Thanks a lot for any help.