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    FLVPlayback buffering entire FLV before playback

    Ian Kelleigh Level 1

      I've been trying to help a company with their video playback. They are using the FLVPlayback component to play some FLV files and also use XML caption files.


      For some reason some FLV videos are insisting on buffering the entire file before it begins to play. Then there are other FLVs that start playing just fine and buffer the remainder during playback.


      I've tried updating their FLVPLayback component to the 2.5 version but I get the same results.


      Could it have something to do with how the FLV files were created? I will suggest that they have all of the videos encoded again but I want to make sure that would actually effect the playback. I've never seen anything like this but honestly I usually make my own FLV player. But since they insist on using this component I am trying to work through it with them.