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    With Premiere Elements 10, Whenever I export a video, the quality goes down.

    Bootflock Level 1

      I have tried every type of exporting setting and still, the quality goes down. I am recording 1280x720. Viewing in Premiere is crystal clear, but this quality does not stay the same after exporting.


      The files that I am importing into premiere are AVI, if that helps.


      I do not know if I am choosing the wrong preset or not, but virtually every one (NSTC) fails on me.


      Also, viewing the video in seperate media viewers can give me different results, but all still are not the way they should be. (I've used Windows Media Player and VLC)


      Please help!


      P.S. Uploading these videos to youtube also returns with bad quality. Although there is a 720p option, the video appears to still be slightly blurry or miscolored.



      More Info:

      OS: Windows 7

      Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6530D Graphics

      Moniter: Acer S202HL(Analog)