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    Two Questions Regarding the Pan & Zoom Tool


      I import still images in the "Tasks" window, select all of them and choose "Create Slideshow..." from the right-click popup menu, and apply the default duration (Cross Dissolve). I then click "OK" to create the slideshow.


      I then click on a clip in the Timeline and choose the "Pan & Zoom Tool" to create a pan and/or zoom on the image. I don't see an option in the Pan & Zoom Tool window to change the interpolation from the current bezeir value to linear, so I click "Done," thinking I had the option of changing the interpolation in the motion effects window. I looked and all keyframes were already set to "Linear." So, is it possible that there is no way to alter the interpolation of an image that has been run through the Pan & Zoom Tool? If so, the best way to enable the interpolation option is just to do the entire pan/zoom in the motion effects window, correct?


      Secondly, apparently the Pan & Zoom Tool only applies to the image itself and not to any trimmed material at the beginning/end of a clip used for creating a transition. Is there any alternative for including the trimmed segment short of manually moving the keyframes in the motion effects window?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You'll need to run the Pan & Zoom tool for each photo in your slideshow, KJesse.


          Although, if you want to use the same pan & zooms for every photo, you can just right-click on a photo that has it already applied and select Copy, then select all of the other photos, right-click and select Paste Attributes.


          There are also dozens of Video Presets that will automatically apply pans & zooms.


          And if you create your slideshow in the Elements Organizer program rather than Premiere Elements, you can set it up to run random pans & zooms over your slides -- or you can customize them.


          To interpolate either temporally or spatially, right-click on the individual keyframes on your motion path and select the option.


          So you've got lots of options.


          I cover all of them and how to do each in my books, if you're interested.


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            KJesse Level 1

            I think I may have figured it out. I have the 30-day trial version of Premiere Elements 10. Could it be that there is some glitch in the trial version I downloaded that is causing the program to not work as intended? If I keyframe an object using the "Motion" attribute, I am able to change interpolation just like it says you are supposed to be able to do. But, after adding a pan/zoom using the "Pan & Zoom" tool, the interpolation on the resulting keyframes cannot be changed from the default. It seems logical to me that if interpolation can be changed with keyframes created using the "Motion" attribute, I ought to be able to change interpolation on keyframes created using the "Pan & Zoom" tool also.


            If, for some reason, Adobe does not enable a person to change interpolation on keyframes created as a result of using the "Pan & Zoom" tool, whom can I e-mail to request that Adobe engineers make this option available in Premiere Elements 11?