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    Trying to register ADE on Mantano reader on new device

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      I originally purchased my books on my Sony Reader where I have them downloaded. I also have Adobe Digital Editions installed on my computer along with the reader program. My Sony reader has the books on it. I have purchased an Asus tablet to read my books on, instead of my Sony Reader, which I plan to sell. I use Mantano Reader on the Android tablet device. I thought (from what I read) that my device would be recognised by Adobe Digital Editions when I plugged it in. It was supposed to offer to authorize the device. This has not happened and I am not apparently able to register Mantano Adobe Digital Editions to be able to read the books I purchased.


      I know the Adobe ID that is registered on my Adobe Digital Editions, the email address for that is different than the one for the Sony Reader (perhaps that does't matter). If I go into Mantano Reader, it asks me to register and when I put in the email address that is correct for the Sony Reader, along with the password, it accepts the registration. It won't, however, let me read the books, as it says there is a problem with the registration. (issue with the two email addresses, I guess.). Perhaps the books are connected to the other email address for which I have no password.


      I have asked for a password email reset to be sent to me from Adobe for the email address ID matching the one in the Adobe Digital Editions registration, but that email has never arrived. No password that I might have used that I try works.


      What can I do to be able to read my legitimately purchased books (lots of them) on my new device?





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          Ellie, let me try to set the background in place.


          ADE is downloaded and installed on your computer.  When that happens, ADE

          records information about it and your Adobe ID in a small ID file.  When

          you download an ebook, information about the ebook is augmented with

          information from the small ID file.  Thus, each ebook is registered to you

          in the ADE environment, which includes information about your computer and

          your Adobe ID.  ADE will let you copy that ebook to another computer, or,

          if the digital rights will allow it, to an ereader.


          If you change ereaders, then the digital rights come into play.  If they

          allow copying to another device, then ADE can copy the ebook to your new

          ereader.  However, it will continue to be linked to you via your Adobe ID.

          So, if you register a new ereader with a different email address, you can't

          read ebooks that were registered with your other email address.  Sorry, but

          that's the way that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000 specifies

          the treatment of ebooks.


          Next, the Mantano software shows up in the ADE list of supported

          devices.  So, you should be able to follow their instructions on how to

          make it work on the Android ereader.  This isn't something that we can help

          you with, I'm afraid.  HOWEVER, if we have a problem with access to the

          ebooks because of a conflict with the Adobe ID used to download them, then

          setting up the Mantano software might be fruitless, until you get the ID

          issue resolved.



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            Thanks so much for the helpful information and for the suggestions. I reset my password and was able to register the Mantano Reader. The books I have purchased are able (so far) to be read on the new device. That was what needed doing, as you said. I hope they all permit reading on a new device, as I have quite a bit of money in books I don't want to lose.


            Many thanks again.