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    Acrobat FormsCentral Javascript


      If I want to add Javascript to the components in a form, my workaround is to export the online form from FormsCentral and save as a PDF, open in Acrobat Pro then use the Tools/Form option to add Javascript to the Submit buttom and textboxes. Is this the right approach? I'm asking because I don't know if there is a straight-forward feature in Acrobat or FormsCentral to do this and if there is something implemented that is easier than this approach, thanks! When I try to create a form through Acrobat Pro it tells me to open FormsCentral to create the form but I want to have the ability to use Javascript in Acrobat to create the form.

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Your workflow is fine. Just wondering what FormsCentral isn't doing for you - why do you need to add the JS?

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            Hello same problem, I have to use the javascript code.



            The reason is that I have to create an order form where the customer enters the quantity of products and I would like the total field of compilassero automatically as in a spreadsheet.



            How can I do this? Since FORMCENTRAL not allow inseirmento of Javascipt.



            I use Adobe Acrobat XI cc.



            I look forward to feedback.

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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              If you're working with a PDF exported from FormsCentral, you first have to open it in Acrobat and select: File > Save a Copy


              Then open this new file (it doesn't open automatically) and make your changes in Acrobat. Here's some more info: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-3661

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                Digitalnat Level 1

                I followed the instructions exporting the PDF from FormCentral changes made with Adobe XI cc, the problem is when I import the file again changed FormCentral, I do not find in the menu of distribution options for the web.



                I attach images to better understand.



                I look forward to feedback.





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                  Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                  Hi Digitalnat;


                  The "Import PDF" feature that you used after editing your PDF in Acrobat does not provide a web version of the form, it allows you to collect and manage the responses from that PDF form in FormsCentral, here is an FAQ on the Import PDF feature: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2654




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                    Digitalnat Level 1

                    You're confirming that there is no possibility to import PDF with Acrobat FormsCentral modified models that allow the distrubution through web pages?



                    If it was so, because in the previous question, I was told to change export and then import without problems.



                    This is a major limitation.




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                      Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                      Yes, I am confirming that importing a PDF does not provide you with a web version of that PDF form. 


                      I reviewed this thread and I don't see that you were told anything about exporting and re-importing, just exporting and editing in Acrobat to add capability to the PDF. 




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                        Digitalnat Level 1

                        How do I edit a FormsCentral PDF form in Adobe Acrobat?



                        23-lug-2013 15.16



                        PDF forms generated by FormsCentral are Reader Extended to allow Adobe Reader users to fill and save PDF forms. A side effect of Reader Extending the PDF form is that it cannot be modified in the full (paid-for) Adobe Acrobat product. The instructions below explain how to edit FormsCentral PDF forms in Acrobat X or XI:


                        1. Open the FormsCentral PDF form in Adobe Acrobat
                        2. Go to the File menu and select the Save a Copy… menu item (Note: this is not the same as File > Save As...). This step is important as it will remove the Reader Extended rights and allow you to modify the PDF. Make sure you save under a different name than the current PDF.
                        3. Open the copy you just saved in step #2
                        4. Do your modifications. Note: If the form has a FormsCentral Submit button on it then be careful making changes because you could break the Submit button.
                        5. If your form has a Submit button then test your form by submitting data to make sure the changes you made didn't break anything
                        6. If you have Acrobat XI then go to File > Save as Others... > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools (include form fill-in & save)…; If you have Acrobat X then go to File > Save as... > Reader Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features... This will add the Reader Extended Rights back so that the fillers can save the PDF in previous version of Reader
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                          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                          I'm sorry that the workflow is not working the way you had hoped.  The instructions for editing the PDF are provided for users to be able to further edit their FormsCentral PDF forms in Adobe Acrobat, there are many use cases for this, including the case you have for adding calculations.  It does not however indicate that the PDF can be re-imported into FormsCentral for web distribution.  After editing the downloaded PDF in Acrobat users are then distributing that PDF for their audience to fill out and submit the data back to FormsCentral. 


                          I'd be happy to help you understand the features and supported work flows better.  Let me know what questions I can answer.