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    Flashing issue with Radeon HD 5700 card

    johnnyb2u Level 1

      This could easily become a two part question, since searching for why I could't see my Blackmagic Intenstiy Pro card in my Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 playback settings lead me to discovering I could select any of the 3 existing outputs of my ATI Radeon HD5700 card. But I'll focus on the weird flashing issue since if this is corrected, I won't need my Blackmagic Card...for now.


      I installed Premiere Pro CS6 a month ago with great success in trial mode. As I said earlier, I found I could use my existing video card and just select which output I wanted to use. I selected the one connected to my LCD. Worked GREAT! No hardware acceleration, but looked and performed well.


      This was great for a couple of weeks, when I got a notification of a video driver update for the Radeon card. Form that point on till today, if I have a monitor selected in preferences>playback, I get this strange flashing on ALL my monitors. If I disengage the monitor select in Playback and just monitor in the source monitor in my workspace, the problem goes away.


      Here's an example of what it looks like. When the video starts, I'm scrubbing and clicking in the timeline. Then I just let it play. The audio plays fine, video however doesn't on any of the monitors.



      Any clue why this is happening? Trying to wipe my video card drivers now and go backwards, but ATI won't keep old drivers on their site.



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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          That looks like an OpenGL draw/version issue with independent screens/resolutions. Definitely roll back the driver on that and mark that version as dont use.




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            Were you able to resolve this problem?


            I am having a similar problem when I try to capture anything on multiple Windows 7 systems with different nVidia graphics cards.  After approximiately 5 minutes of capturing 720p video, the screen starts flashing in the same way and will not stop.  It does not matter what input device I use.  I did not have this problem using Adobe Premiere CS5 - it only started after upgrading to CS6.  I've tried multiple graphics drivers, multiple computers, multiple inputs.

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              johnnyb2u Level 1

              Sadly the way I resolved the problem was to dump money into a new video card. For some reason the card I had, which was a GREAT video card, would not work properly no matter what I tried. Adobe couldn't help so I gave in and bought a card. Works great now and I also have Mercury hardware playback as well, so that's a plus.


              Wish I had better news for you.