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    WB synchronization problems

    rnovo Level 1

      Good evening all,

      I found out while doing HDR panoramas that WB is not synchronizing on all images opened in ACR 6.7 (mac). I never set WB to AWB for that work and normaly use a whibal card and the WB tool which works fine, of course. In a couple of instances I did not have the card and have found out that ACR always reads a same "custom" value on each of the images that is not correct, which I can't identify (?) so I tried typing in a chosen °K/tint value manualy  and synchronize on that - which never works! It only works if you change the value of each image individualy - like 32 for a Pano HDR - clicking "done" every time!

      It seems like synchronizing only works via the WB tool and not via a manualy set WB?

      Am I doing something wrong here or even missing something altogether?

      Thanks for any pointers...