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    PRE9 transcoding errors

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      I am really tired of the infamous transcoding errors and no diagnostic solution from Adobe.

      You would think making several daily sideshow in PE9 after conversion from jpg to psd format, per recommendation, then exporting to PRE9 to burn a DVD travelogue would be no big deal.


      I have read numerous threads on the subject, it is still a very big time frustration with intermittent success.  A Successfull rendering does not guarantee success.


      I have made several travel DVD's over the years with even older versions of PE and PRE with similar frustrations; make a subtle change and bam transcoding error.


      I have had it with Adobe unless there are some robust solutions to making DVD's from slide shows, and a better means of finding the cause.  A solid tutorial would be helpful, but yet to discovered. PRE10 seems to have similar issues so even offered free is not even enticing, and other software though maybe.


      Ps.  I built a PC around photo and video editing so it an't the PC memory, virtual memory, processor, etc.


      If there is a Garmin road map out there I would appreciate it?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you asking for solutions to DVD burn issues? Have you checked out our FAQ on the subject?



          If you'll post your results for each of the troubleshooting steps in as much detail as possible, we'll likely be able to recommend solutions.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            First, a few questions:


            1. What is the Project Preset, that you chose at New Project?
            2. Do you have ONLY Still Images, or are you also mixing in Video?
            3. What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of those PSD Still Images?
            4. If you ARE using Video in the Projects, what are the full specs. of that/those Video(s)?
            5. Do you have any gaps in your Timeline on Video Track 1, that is not covered by Clips, or Titles on higher Video Tracks?
            6. If you have Audio, which Audio Tracks are those Clips on?
            7. If you have Audio, what is the format/CODEC of those Audio Clips?
            8. What is the exact text of the Transcoding error messages?
            9. If those appear when you go to Burn to Disk, or Burn to Folder, at what percentage of the Transcoding, or the physical burning, do they happen?
            10. If you are having problems with Burn to Disk, have you tried Burn to Folder?
            11. Though your PC was designed for Still Image and Video editing, what are the specs.? Please list the full details of your I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, their size, amount of defragmented free-space, speed, controller type and how you have them allocated.


            Good luck,



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              Thank you for your concern and response.  Before responding I always try to be more thorough with the questions and checking on my end.






              For this last frustration into transcoding errors it seems converting from SLR stills pictures from JPG to 1280x960 PSD and then trying a AVCHD-HD 10801 30 DVD format was a major issue this time as the 720 option worked.  I have had transcoding error before in 720 and never found any gaps, just start from scratch and hope for the best. If this was the fix, why is this so difficult to find a root cause?  That is my beef with Adobe.



              The trial and error method is so time consuming a root cause especially having been successful before with same process: import camera JPG photos, convert selected pictures to convert to PSD 1280x960 files; create slide show in PSE9 for each day; export to PE9 to create DVD; add MP3 music and synchronize to timeline, create DVD cover sheets with pictures, render, then burn DVD.












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