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    Exporting a PDF X:3 from indesign for Blurb


      Ok, I can't seem to get around this problem at all and I'm really getting frustrated. I have an indesign file that I want to export to a PDF X:3 file for blurb. From indesign I click on file>adobe pdf presents> blurb template. Then it asks me to name it, I do, then I click 'save' and the next box comes up with the 'export' button at the bottom. When I click 'export' the box goes away but then nothing at all happens- no status/ progress bar, no other messages, nothing. Then when I click on the PDF file on the desktop (or wherever I saved it) nothing opens, and the file size is listed as 0 bytes, so clearly it is not exporting.


      Can someone please tell me what step I am missing to correctly export a PDF X:3 file? Like I said, I'm completely at a loss on this one. Thanks!