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    Any AE experts please help, thanks


      I have made a pre composed 3D text and have it sitting in the environment of my live action footage in the main comp.

      I have used a solid as a base for the shadow of the text to cast on, which worked fine. But as soon as i add a blur effect (gausien for example) to the text, the shadow disappears.. Any ideas why? As both the shadow and blur are very important. Some help would be much appreciated! Cheers


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And where do you apply the blur? Is your pre-comp using collapsed transformations? If so, applying an effect would simply change rendering order and kill the 3D magic...



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            GKTyler92 Level 1

            I apply the blur to the text in the original composition as the live action shot has a pull focus, so wanted to use the blur in time with this to add realism. Not certain what collapsed transformations is but im guessing that means in the original comp, i cant edit the text... If so then yea they are collapsed. Any way around this? Cheers for answering promptly.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If the shadow goes away when you apply an effect then you must be using CS6 and you must have Ray-traced 3D rendering turned on. That explains everything. Effects and masks on 3D layers are not rendered. If you don't need to extrude your text then Turn It Off.


              If you do need to extrude the text then put a camera in the scene and animate the depth of field and focus distance of the camera.


              There is a warning that pops up that tells you the limitations of the Ray-traced 3D rendering. Had you mentioned you were using CS6 and Ray-traced rendering we could have helped you sooner.



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                GKTyler92 Level 1

                I am not using CS6, definitely CS5. Iv found out once Mylenium mentioned collapsed layers that i could key animate the gausien blur on the original comp and copy the keys, delete them so the shadow comes back, and then paste them onto the pre comp layers.

                Thanks Mylenium..