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    Can't playback on Blackmagic Decklink HD extreme 2


      Hi all,

      I am looking to crossgrade from FCP7 to Premiere CS6 so I have the Master Collection Demo installed on my work station along with FCP. It's on a 2008 Mac Pro with 2 Quad core 3.2G Intel Xeons, 16GB ram, ATi 2600 HD 250mb graphics and a Blackmagic Decklink  HD Extreme 2. In the FCP set up this card fed a full HD JVC broadcast monitor via HD-SDI and I had no trouble with it at all and it played any type of sequence. My problem is that I can't for the life of me get a picture on the screen in Premiere. No combination of BM sequence settings or codecs, either BM or otherwise, seem to get it going. Output options seem extremely limited in the application set up with only one box to tick under the playback menu. This seems to have no effect whatsoever. The aplication can obviously see the card because the option to check it as a playback is there and the audio routes through without error. I have installed the latest Premiere updates and am running Desktop video 9.6. AE plays on the monitor fine but nothing in Premiere unless I switch the BM card to extended desktop and use the broadcast monitor as a second LCD and tick that option under the playback menu but then my GFX card seems to struggle and drops frames all over the place. I admit the ATI card is a bit of a slouch but options were limited for Mac unless you want the high end cards, which I am considering, could the fact the card is under powered have anything to do with video not getting to the BM card. I don't know much about the MPBE apart from the fact my card doesn't qualify.

      Any ideas on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

      Apart from no client monitor I'm loving Premiere, I'm finding th realtime stuff quite refreshing after FCP, which was a bit of a joke really in that area...but if I can't monitor, I can't make the switch.

      Thanks in advance.