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    Lightroom to Blurb


      I am having problems uploading from Book in Lightroom to Blurb.  I have a book collection saved and I am connected to my page in Blurb.  When I 'Upload to Blurb' the loading bar top left does not fill and the book does not upload.  This is recent as I have successfully uploaded books before.  There are no problems with my internet connection.  Has anybody had a similar problem or shed some light on the issue.

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          I too cannot upload my book.  Also Export to PDF does not work.  Using LR 4.1  Adode, please fix this soon!



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            FCBCharly Level 1

            Same here!

            My book was about 40 pages and everything worked fine. Now i added about 17 more pages  and I am not able to export it anymore. (Neither to PDF, jpg or blurp!) Removing pages, reshuffling pages, whatever i do, doesn't work anymore.

            Deleting page by page from the end finally gives me the message "rendering ...." Happily i put all my pages back and removed only this 'last removed page' and to my suprise it doesn't exports again.


            bottomline; I have no idea how to solve it and I',m stuck with my project.


            ADOBE, PLEASE GIVE US A BUGFIX! (there are many many complains about this topic in forums etc.)

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              I have the same problem. My wife has worked for over a week on a 240 page book, and we cannot get it to export to Blurb. I'm able to render all the pages, but when it comes to uploading as indicated on the bar progress graph in the upper left corner, it goes part of the way across and then a window pops up saying there is a problem. I worked all this weekend on deleting pages until it finally uploads. I got down to page 106 of 240 and it finally uploaded. So I figured page 107 was the problem. I deleted the photos on this page and then reinserted them. That seemed to work but then it must be getting stuck on another page as it will now uploads up to page 115. So I thought 116 must be the problem. I tried the same procedure that I did for page 107, but no luck this time.


              PLEASE ADOBE! HELP US OUT!

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                thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                What specifically is the error message? It IS possible it is on Blurb’s receiving end so it might be useful to post where in the world you are trying to upload.

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                  jlarewTX Level 1

                  I was able to send half the book to Blurb and then sent the second half. Maybe it is a memory issue after I got page 107 fixed. The error message say the book failed to upload and gave me the option to Retry or Cancel. I'm going to see if Blurb and take both books and make one out of them.

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                    www.two-in-love.ch Level 1


                    I had this problem as well - the upload to Blurb would not work. Creation of a PDF and export as JPEG in the book module worked. I use Lighroom 4 though.

                    For me, the solution was to turn off the Windows Firewall while uploading. Now it works!


                    Two-in-Love (Photographe de Mariage en Suisse Romande)


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                      Jalil Level 1

                      Hello all,


                      I've spent a few hours with the same problem ... I tried every solution I could read (backgrounds, removing pages, disabling firewall, ...) until I found what was causing the problem in my case :


                      You may be in the same situation as me if, when you click "Upload" :

                      - The progress bar on the top left appears but never moves

                      - Lightroom does not show you a Blurb dialog where you can specify titre, subtitle, and author of the book

                      - You cannot export any book to Blurb, no matter how much pages

                      - You can export in PDF


                      What was causing the problem is that I used Blurb from Lightroom a while ago (2013), and Lightroom was "remembering" my Blurb account, but it seems that the stored information was either corrupted, either not valid anymore. Maybe because of updating to LR5 and then LR6 ...


                      The solution for me was to open Lightroom preferences file :
                      - Windows : %appdata%\Adobe\Lightroom\Preferences\Lightroom 6 Preferences.agprefs

                      - Mac OS : See here : https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/preference-file-locations-lightroom-4.html


                      First, close Lightroom.


                      Then I searched for "Blurb" and I removed these 3 lines :


                      Blurb_Currency = "EUR",


                      LayoutModule_blurbUsername = "XXXXXXXX",


                      ["pw_pw_com.adobe.lightroom.layout.blurb_blurb_accounts_generic_username"] = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX",


                      I saved, started Lightroom, went to a book, clicked on Upload .... and voilà !

                      Lightroom gave me a dialog to login to Blurb ... I logged in.

                      Then I had the dialog to enter title, subtitle, and author of the book ... yes !!

                      And then it started exporting (progress bar and all) and uploading !


                      I wish this could be useful to others !

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                        This was an excellent hint from Jalil and did it for me. Some more specifics from my situation:


                        Exactly the same symptoms as Jalil described above. (successful Blurb uploads in 2014 with older version of LR, now it hung, no Blurb dialog, PDF export works fine)


                        On my Windows 8 system with LR 6, I found the preference file "Lightroom 6 Preferences.agprefs" here:



                        First I closed LR and then made a backup of the existing prefs file (which was a wise idea when I modified it for the first time using a Windows editor and the prefs file got damaged...).

                        I searched for blurb in the prefs file. There were many more line items with "blurb" in its name in the file. The only ones that really matter are:


                        LayoutModule_blurbUsername = "YYYY"

                        ["pw_pw_com.adobe.lightroom.layout.blurb_blurb_accounts_generic_username"] = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"



                        When modifying the prefs file on a Windows system do not use Wordpad, Notepad or similar. After modifying your prefs file with these editors, it will be damaged in a way that LR has "forgotten" all the other prefs that were configured previously. So, make sure you are using a powerful editor like Ultraedit that does not remove/ change the file format of the prefs file when changing one or two lines

                        After deleting the two lines mentioned above with a "good" editor and re-starting LR6 all other preferences were o.k. When uploading a book through LR6 to Blurb the dialog pops up and asks me to enter my blurb account details. After the change in the prefs file, the Blurb dialog in LR6 won't let me enter my Blurb username but only my e-mail adress that I used to register with Blurb. So I guess, the Blurb login dialog changed from previous LR versions and this is causing the upload to hang. After re-entering my Blurb credentials in LR6 everything works just fine. I compared the prefs backup file (before the change) and then compared it with the prefs file after the successful re-login, and yes, the two line items above were different. In particular, I found my e-mail adress in the prefs file and not my username anymore. I guess the root cause of the problem was that in my old prefs file there was my blurb user name and not my e-mail adress that I used when registering with Blurb. Also, the encrypted password to connect with Blurb looks different.

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                          Deleting the preferences file seemed to work for me. 


                          Slightly different circumstances, in that I had the Blurb dialog, in fact, it seemed to sign me in fine, but every time the upload hung after about 30 minutes, telling me that: "there was an error uploading your book's pages."   I deleted the preferences file completely as I couldn't find the specific Blurb lines mentioned (there were 7 refs to 'Blurb', but none seemed to match).  So I copied the preferences file 'just in case', then deleted it altogether.  LR reopened and recreated a blank one.  I was asked for my email address and username in the Blurb dialog, and all uploaded fine.  Takes a good time for a chunky book, but no issues.  Hurrah!