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    Batch edit existing files workflow?

    SiliconPixel Level 1

      Many years ago when working with DVCAM tape etc, I used to get a list of TC edits from a customer and simply run this through a batch capture with suitable handles. This was easy as I could leve the capture running with minimal input from me. I'd end up with just the clips I wanted.


      Now I've been using Sony XDCAM cameras for many years and a file based workflow, I still have the same needs on occasion but the workflow in this case is a little slower as I have to manually set the in/out point on each clip required.


      What I'm looking for is a kind of batch edit workflow where I can feed in a list of clips to be placed on a timeline (the batch text file would have TC in/out and maybe some comments although this isn't too important). The source video files already exist of course and have proper timecode.


      Anyone have any ideas how to achieve this - either within Premiere or by using a third party piece of software/plugin etc?


      The person that selects the clips wouldn't necessarily be able to install specialist software for logging purposes though - but it might be something I'd consider if it was cheap and VERY easy to use.


      Many thanks,