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    How to force Premiere to render previews?

    Richardcavell Level 1

      Hi, everyone.  I have a clip that's high definition.  It's been video denoised and colour corrected and vignetted, and to preserve quality it's rendered in QuickTime Animation codec with quality of 100 (lossless).  It's 37 gigabytes for 3 and a half minutes, and my humble MacBook Pro can't play it in real time.  That's no problem, as long as I can use previews to do my editing.


      But it looks like Premiere Pro CS 6.0.1 is trying to use the original file instead of creating previews.  If I delete all preview files, the line above the clip stays yellow/green (I'm colour blind, sorry I can't tell the difference).  If I drop the sequence preview resolution, it stays yellow/green.


      I want the original footage for quality, but I want to edit using something lossy.  How do I force Premiere to make a low-bitrate version of the file for preview purposes?