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    crossdomain.xml & loadPolicyFile Error

      I made a demo application that loads a crossdomain.xml file from a custom location, using "System.security.loadPolicyFile" method ... When I run this application in a browser, I see in my debug logs that its not only trying to access the policy file from the custom location, but the default location as well (a location in which there is no policy file there).

      So its trying to pull from:
      http://dev.myserver.com:8080/dir/subdir/crossdomain.xml as well as

      The other curious fact is that its a blank application- there's nothing except a "System.security.loadPolicyFile" method- so i don't know why it'd be trying to access the default crossdomain.xml location anyways, unless it was trying to make a call to that server.

      I'm currently on Safari on Mac with Flash 9, but the error occurs on PC IE, etc... the app is compiled for Flash 8

      Any help would be appreciated. Thank-you.