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    Premier 10 upload you tube


      It would help me a lot if I knew the max time length I can upload. All I know now is I cannot do a 50 minute. I need to break it up but to what?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What is the max. Duration of your YouTube account?


          Are you planning on going directly from PrE to YouTube, or first Exporting/Sharing the Timeline to an AV file, and then manually uploading that to YouTube?


          If you are planning on going directly, the max. Duration will be 10 mins., as that WAS the max. Duration from YouTube, when PrE 10 was coded. There are now accounts, that allow longer films to be uploaded, but one cannot do that directly from within PrE - yet.


          Good luck,



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            Thanks for the reply

            Not sure what my limit is at You Tube but this morning I loaded an 11

            minute one.

            Then I tried a 50 min one and it won't take it.


            Is it different if I export it to say Windows Movie and upload it?



            Maybe I'll noodle around in my account and check my limits.




            Thanks again


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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I cannot help you, as I only use YouTube very infrequently, and am never uploading anything with much Duration.


              I would go to your account, and see which level subscription you have. You might then need to go to the Technical Support section of YouTube to get the Duration for your subscription level.


              Until not that long ago, the Duration limit was 10 mins., but if I understand correctly, that has been expanded (but I do not know to what) for certain subscription levels.


              The format that you chose, as long as it is supported by YouTube, will not matter, as it is the Duration, that they look at.


              Good luck, and when you do find out what the Duration limit is, please update this thread, so that some of us can learn - thanks.