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    MXF Audio Files Acting Totally Crazy - CS6

    Toomany3 Level 1

      I've seen some posts here and there about MXF video files, but I haven't seen anything about the audio files or a solution yet. I hope there is one.


      Some weird thigs happen:


      • I can see the waveform when zoomed out
      • When I zoom in the wave form disappears
      • When I start a project I can here some of the MXF files
      • After a few minutes the very same files I could just hear go silent... even though they have  waveforms (at least when zoomed out).


      I have tried deleted all my cache, pek and other Premiere-added files to force Premiere to rebuild them, but as soon as I get the waveforms back after conforming, the exact same thing happens.


      Any suggestions? All the files worked just fine for CS5.