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    Problem with ActionScript

      I have a trouble with actionscript.
      In this file scene.fla I cannot go into Scene2 and why it's so.
      Can anyone look and correct my actionscript so I can click Scene2 and enter Scene2.

      I have also problem with these file album.fla, mytext.fla and movieclip.fla.

      Here is description of each fla files.

      *************** album.fla and albumScroll.as ***************

      When I'm in album and click (onPress - event handler) a small image so (tween) this up on screen but the handcursor don't close.
      If I click so shall hand cursor disappear and the bigger image came up and when I click on bigger image this go down.
      when I'm within bigger image and click blue button in upper-left corner so show map and when I click again so is map disappear.
      This don't works because I use event handler in the movieclip and how can I make these.
      When I click on small image and the bigger image came up so I want background with album (instance name = image_mc - in library = album_mc) plus slider scroll (in library = scrollnew) are lock when
      the bigger cames up but this not happened here but now I have tween alpha background (in library = bg_album) and why delay this.
      scrollnew and bg_album I use attachMovie.
      I saw and read from the site "protect a movie from changing depth?" how I can lock movieclip but I don't understood that.
      I don't how these codes use and works.


      *************** mytext.fla ***************

      I don't understand how he made this: final_text.fla - Text Animation
      When I have make one Dynamic Text and two nested movieclip, copy and paste actionscript from site.
      And when I'm finished so not show the same. Text run straight for me what I did wrong.
      I think it must be how I have made movieclip inside movieclip within Dynamic Text.

      *************** movieclip.fla ***************

      How can I play inside of movieclip on stage.
      I send you movieclip.fla and there I want to play movieclip object Symbol.
      You can see what I have done and correct code for me.

      I feel so hopeless and frustrate over I have no control about my programmering.

      Here can you download the fla files and look the script.


      My email adress are per.noren@hotmail.com