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    Showing/Hiding annotation with onFocus/onBlur




      I'm having trouble using the onBlur and onFocus events in the same form field.


      I have an annotation that has these props when the document loads: What hidden=true and popupOpen=false


      On a form field, I've attached the following script to the onFocus event:


      var annot = this.getAnnot(0,'phoneTip');






      This works fine when I don't have an onBlur event. (The annotation shows up when cursor enters field)...


      BUT, when I add the following script to the onBlur event, the annotation disappears and doesn't come back onFocus:


      var annot = this.getAnnot(0,'phoneTip');






      What seems to be happening is the OnBlur event is firing right after the onFocus. When I dump the annot props above the set method in onBlur, I do see the correct values (hidden=false, popupOpen=true).. Maybe when I show the annotation, the annotation itself gets focus, and therefore the field loses focus and the onBlur event fires?)


      Does anyone know a workaround for this? Maybe a way to maintain focus on the form field?