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      When I catpure HD with PPro CS 5.5 I get an "unknown recorder error"  I set up the specifications like normal and the program recognizes my camera.  I can start the capturing process and it seems to be capturing fine.  When it is all done or I end it myself that's when an "unknown recorder error" pops up and my capturing is all for not. Please help me I need to be able to capture in HD on my laptop.  I am running a Macbook Pro OS X version 10.7.4  with a 2.4 intel core i7.  My camera is a Sony HDV Handycam HDR-FX7  connecting them with a firewire cable.

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          I have the same camera, editing on PC. Go into camera menu settings and look for "VCR" and you should have options of AUTO, DV, and HDV. Set to HDV. Power camera off, then on again. Possible that Mac is seeing the Firewire device as a DV camera and not HDV, in which case you WILL have device control, but a black picture. Hope this helps


          Jeff Pulera

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            I'm having the same issue trying to capture HDV tape in CS6. I just upgraded from CS5.5 and I also tried the same camcorder with an older version of Premier Pro CS4 and it worked fine so its a settings issue in CS6. Just don't know which one.


            So to be clear I'm using a Canon HV20 with firewire output to CS6. CS6 is running under Mac OS X 10.6.8. Using the Capture window I have set everything to HDV control and I have full control of the camcorder via the Capture window buttons. I can fast forward, reverse, pause etc. It just won't record the captured footage. I get an "unknown recorder error". I have restarted the camcorder with the software on, restarted the software with the camcorder on to no avail. Again it works fine on CS4 so I know its not the camcorder.


            Any thoughts?



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              Mr Pulera.


              Going into camera menu settings and looking for "VCR" options of AUTO, DV, and HDV. Set to HDV. worked for me! thanks a lot! it was hours spent finding the problem. One more question if you don't mind, what capture setting would be  the best format for HD tapes from Sony Mini DVHD HDR-HC9. I am experimenting using: HDV 720p30, HDV1080i or AVCHD 1080i anamorphic,


              thanks a lot,




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                Hi Ber,


                When you say "capture setting" are you referring to the Sequence Setting perhaps? Because there really is not a capture setting as far as resolution - you are either capturing DV or HDV. These captures are just a transfer of digital data from the tape, so if the HDV source is 1080i, that's what gets captured. The most common format used by consumer HDV camcorders is 1080i (some older HDV cams, JVC specifically, could record 720p HDV).


                If you want to edit your captured 1080i HDV footage "natively" then use an HDV > 1080i30(60i) sequence, which puts the frame size at 1440x1080 and pixel aspect ratio at 1.333. Choose the 1080i25(50i) for PAL areas.


                When you export this footage for delivery, you will want to use a full HD (1920x1080, 1.0 PAR) setting. If you export anamorphic (1440x1080, 1.333) then most software players will display the video as square, since they assume square pixels. Not a good result. Also, if exporting for computer/web delivery, do not use 1080i export settings - interlaced video looks bad on computers, Export as 1080p 29.97, or 1080p25 for PAL).


                Alternately, you can certainly edit the 1440x1080 footage in a 1920x1080 sequence and that works just fine.




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                  Jeff! Thank you very much for your time and your help, you definitely you know your craft! Yes it is the sequence the one I was referring to, So I used HD 1080i30(60) ( I live in Boston) As you recommended, it doesnt need to render when editing.


                  Now if you don't mind I have one more question, I have about 10 - 15 of those miniDV HD tapes, I understand 60 minutes of that footage is about 45GB , the next step after exporting it would be storage. I could buy external drives, but also I have been reading about RAID1, I use mac. And I would like to keep a copy of all those videos in other computer in my in-laws house, which they use windows. Any ideas of  a proeficient Way to storage it?,


                  Thanks a lot!



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                    Hi Ber,


                    Glad to assist! MiniDV and HDV tapes are just 25GB per hour when captured. If you get a 1TB external drive (USB 3.0) that would hold it all easily. If you need drive to be compatible between Mac and Windows machines, format new drive using ExFAT setting.


                    If you want RAID 1, that means you buy an external desktop RAID drive, which is an enclosure that has two drives inside of it and in RAID 1 mode, the same data is written to both drives = instant backup copy always. These external drives will advertise the TOTAL capacity, so if it says 2TB that is for RAID 0 mode (two drives combined for speed) - if you switch to RAID 1 mode, then you get 1TB of storage (1TB each of same material on two different drives).





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                      Thanks a LOT! external drive would do it then! I am really glad I found this forum, not only you know the answers but also you know what I am going to ask in the next question, haha.  Jeff you is very kind of you to take your time to reply to this forums, your are a very nice gentleman. I hope you don't mind if I ask your help in future occasions I do have a few projects to work on. you have a nice day and thanks again Jeff.