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    Hyperlinks linking to desktop


      (working in Indesign CS 5.5).


      When I make a hyperlink for mycompany.org and then export to PDF I wind up with a link that wants to go to file:///Users/maps1/Desktop/Bill%20Work/07:25/mycompany.org


      I've tried this many different ways but am currently selecting the text I want to link (the URL), copying, Linking To: URL, pasting, with Shared Hyperlink Destination turned off.


      This is making me grouchy and unpleasant to be around. Please help, if not for me than for the nice people in nearby spaces.

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          bill_t12 Level 1

          Just in case anyone else runs into this …


          I added an http:// to the front of all my hyperlinks and that seemed to do it.


          Last run through I made all the links in the doc automatically, it gets that mycompany.org/variousfolders is a URL but then adds the local bit to the front end. Its not in the PDF property but will copy if I copy link. I broke into the IDML and couldn't find it there either. Gets remembered on other machines.


          I remain puzzled but can go home as soon as I finish pasting all those http://s in.