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    Just upgraded to Premiere 10, and new Canon Camera T3i best settings?


      I need some help finding the best settings to avoid it looking blurry.


      When I open a new project in premiere 10, my settings are on 1080p 30 @ 29.97


      I am unsure what are the best settings to use? On my camera, my movie rec size is set at 1920x1080, 24.


      Any advice, especially from someone who owns this camera would be helpful!



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You should use the DSLR project settings for 1080p24.


          There are a number of reasons your video may look blurry -- depending on at which point in your editing you're seeing this blurriness.


          If you video is blurry when played on the timeline, it could be because it needs rendered. If so, you will see a red line above your clips on the timeline. If that's the case, press Enter to render the timeline. When those red lines turn green, your video will look more like it will after you output it.


          If you're seeing blurriness after you output it,it could be because of the format you're outputting to, your resolution settings, your video player, if you're trying to watch it as full-screen on a computer, etc.


          When does it look blurry?


          (And please don't post this question again without following up on the answers you're getting!)