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    How do I autopopulate a text field based on user input?


      I'm creating a pdf that has both a shipping address and a bill-to address. I want to add a check box where a user can indicate whether the bill-to is the same as the ship-to address. If yes, I would like the address fields to autopopulate based on the information already entered for the ship-to address fields. What should the script look like?

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          I think you can do it this way: 


          Create the billing address fields first, then bind them to the ship-to address, then make the ship to address hidden.


          Then run an action so that if the yes check box is marked then the ship-to address fields become visible. 


          Create another set of ship-to address field that are not binded to the billing address fields and hide them.


          Run another action so that if the no check box is marked, then those ship-to address fields become visible, and they are empty.


          It should work that way.....however, there could be another way to do it that is easier, I don't know.