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    elearning 2 and 2.5 downloads ...


      I've been hired on a project, the client wants me to use Presenter. I will be editing Presenter work and adding audio in different dialects.


      They purchased the Elearning suite 2 and upgraded to 2.5 ... I live about 10 hours away. I need to find and download elearning suite 2 and 2.5 and then put in the serials.


      Does anyone know where can I find those Downloads, so I can get started?


      Given the licensing concern, the company has deactivated their local machine's licence and I'll use the software and when I am complete, since I live so far away, I will deactivate after the project is over.


      Also, I know I don't need eL suite 2.5 to get the Presenter 7, bc it is included in eL suite 2.

      However, my concern is that if I DL'd Presenter 8, then my work will not allow the previous versions to be opened. I've checked and I can't find that answer.



      Thank you in advance.