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    Help correcting audio levels


      I have a recording where the microphone level was set slightly too low and the speaker wore the lavalier microphone a little off center. I tried to raise the overall gain by 4db which brought the higher levels of the recording up correctly, but throughout the entire recording the speaker turns his head away from the microphone and in those spots the levels are still way to low. I tried bringing the gain back down to its original level and then brought it into soundbooth and equalized the audio, but that amplified everthing including the speakers breathing and room airflow to unacceptble levels. Is there an easier way to fix the levels other than manually adjusting the audio throughout the entire video. Is there a way to raise the entire recording 10db to fix the lowest levels and set a peak point so the louder parts of the recording don't clip?



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          Honestly when a speaker turns their head in my personal experince you probably won't ever get it totally perfect tone and sound wise. However I normally just use a highpass filter to remove the room's AC noise and a denioser to remove the hissing that gets added by all the gain. I usally set the highpass to around 130-170 in Premiere. The denioser usually gets set to around -12 to -20 depending on how much is required. 


          You could also use the dynamics effect and then use a compressor so that it adds gain to clips but also keeps the audio levels of the louder clips lower/reduces them (do this by enabling the limiter and also adjusting the compression ratio/threshold etc.)


          Another option would be to use adobe audition or soundboth to remove specific frequencies, although for the most part you could just use the highpass filter I mentioned and achieve the same goal since your problem seems to be a lot of AC noise.


          If you wanted to simply raise the audio by 10 you could use the compressor/dynamics effect and turn the gain to 10 and then set the limiter on the effect to w/e you want the limit to be and then the levels won't clip. Unless you push them really hard into the limit which almost never happens unless you just crank something way up.