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    Export to epub not including CSS

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      IND CS5.5 Mac 10.7.4, Macbook Pro, 2.53 Ghz, 8gb ram


      Before anyone points me to the epub export tutorial—I've exported books to epub many times successfully and this is an abberation I need help troubleshooting.


      I have book file I am trying to export to epub I've gone through all the usual steps. I have a Toc Style, a master doc, the book is synched, the export tag have all been mapped correctly. This always works....


      But today I have had this problem crop up I am able to export a vaild epub—but the formatting is not right. I always tweak in Sigil—and lo my "template.CSS" there in the epub has none of my applied and mapped styles, nor do my styles show up in the html. Just some random Basic paragraph styles, and overrides etc. I've never had this happen before. My export options for CSS are:

      (for some reason I can't upload a screen shot...)

      Generate CSS, Include Style Definitions, Preserve overrides. No embedded fonts, no existing style names, no use existing CSS.


      Have tried multiple times—rebuilding the book one doc at a time and exportng and the same result. However I reexported a different book file and it all worked fine.


      I even tried using a different CSS file but that didn't work with this book either.


      So it seems to be THIS particular group of docs. I will point out that this book was originally built in CS2, but has been opened, converted and updated in CS5.5. It did have an index, which has caused me problems before when exporting (on another book). But I have left the index file OUT of the ebook—however all the index markers are still in the text.


      I am getting an epub from the file, it does have all the requisite files, the ToC works. It's just missing the style tags and the proper CSS. 


      I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this, and what other troubleshooting I can do?


      Would exporting every doc to idml, reopening, and rebuilding the book have any effect?


      Any ideas would be appreciated!

      Sue Campbell


      Update: I have exported all the files to idml repopened, resaved, resynched, doublechecked export tags, and export options, a n d ... get the same result. My css is not included, nor are my resulting html files properly tagged.


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