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    Disappointed in CS6 and Adobe in general

    timtro Level 1

      I am more and more disappointed in CS6 and Adobe in general.  I no longer have any respect for Adobe or their products.


      I can't read the new title editing function in Premiere CS6 (it was fine in CS5). Somebody here said you can make it bigger: No you can't. You can make the box bigger like a picture frame around the edit, but the text is still unchanged and unreadable. Soundbooth was usable as a wave editor, Audition is not. Installed on an AMD machine, Premiere Pro CS6 imports Nikon video as audio and after more than a month of playing with it Adobe's India supper support still doesn't have a clue.


      Dreamweaver CS5 Ste files won't fully import into CS3 or CS5 (it can't read the FTP user/pass), my install of Encore CS6 is missing all the menu templates and buttons so I go back to CS5, and I was totally disappointed that CS6 won't edit in 3D. The After Effects work around for 3D is a joke.


      The Master Collection download install file is just a little too large to fit a backup on any DVD. How inconvenient! The first one kept asking for "Disk 2 - English/Japan". It would be nice if they got it right before releasing it to the public.


      Finally frustrated with the idiocy of Adobe, I bought Grass Valley Edius 6.5. When I called GV for a minor issue I got an office in the USA on the second ring and a quick, correct answer. Everybody there speaks clear English. The Edius product simply works (it's been a broadcast news editoring standard for years) and I can also edit 3D.  I can actually see titles when I'm editing them. It imports any file I want correctly, including the Nikon files that Premiere CS6 can't. It has all the functions that Premiere does, including good stabilization, and a few that Premiere does not.


      And Grass Valley Edius is a product from Japan!

      Wake up Adobe, your ship is sinking fast into the Indian Sea and I'm sailing in the other direction.

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