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    Selectively Overrides Masters Text Frame

    Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager

      I have tow scenario where it would be useful to be able to run a script that will overrides only some masters text frame and not the rest of the masters object.


      Here the two case:

      1) When I use a Numbered List in a master to add numerotation to every pages or n-numbres of pages.

      2) When some master have text frame that should be use in Table of Content


      Now what is the easiest way to script that? At first I was thinking a script when run can ask a specific paragraph style and overrides all text frame containing them. But I think it would be more easy to just add a Script Label to the masters frame when created, and than a script when run will locate and overrides all text frame with that label. Possible?


      So what is the best approach to create such a script? Any hints?