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    Importing a PPro 2 project

    Bernie at Clarity Level 1

      Hi - I've got a problem importing a PPro 2 project into CS5.5.


      It's an old project that I've been asked to re-generate in high-def - long story - it was shot and edited in high-def 1440x1080 1.33:1, but the customer only wanted std-def DVDs - anyway, now they'd like a blu-ray version, only I've upgraded to 5.5 in the meantime.


      I did output a high-def MPEG at the time and I made a blu-ray from that using encore but the motion when viewed on a blu-ray player/TV is very jittery - not smooth at all, almost like frames are missing. It's a dance concert so there's lots of arm and leg waving and the motion issues are very obvious.


      The raw footage and the high-def MPEG are OK when viewed on my monitor, but the blu-ray is still jittery.  I also played with the TV settings to no avail (it was defaulting to 1080p, so I changed it to 1080i, which I'm pretty sure the original footage was shot in).


      Anyway, I wanted to start from further back - open the project file, and send the high-def version straight to Encore for production. That way I can make sure that the various settings are consistent from go to whoa.


      My problem is that when I open the old project file, CS5.5 says it has to be converted (fair enough), but it doesn't bring the sequences in - in other words the entire edit is missing. Footage, stills, titles and audio are all fine, but none of the sequences make it. I generally use a main sequence called "assembly", a sequence for each camera (2 identical cameras in this case - Sony HVR-Z1P), and a couple of sequences I call "scratchpads" where I do most of the cutting and testing, moving the cuts to the "Assembly" sequence when they're done. I can't do much without the sequences, so I'm considering re-installing PPro 2 in the Windows Xp virtual machine (I use Win 7 Pro).


      Does anyone have any other ideas?