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    Video import not working


      not just the video also the swf import, just press the button and nothing happens, it worked like once or twice but stopped working.

      Any ideas?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Is your presentation on your local C drive, or on a network or shared drive? Presenter doesn't play well with shared drives, so if it is not on your local hard drive, move the presentation and the presenter folder with the same name to your local compuer and try to import the video then.

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            carlosfitz Level 1

            Thanks, I´m moving the presentations as you said I think it is probably cause I use parallels to run Microsoft windows on a mac, I install presenter on a pc and it worked fine, so probably it is as you said the shared enviroment, the strange thing is that it worked a couple of times in this configuration.