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    Customizing start page??

    Ramu Pasupuleti



      I want to customize my start page after users logged into the workspace. After logged into the workspace, every user should be navigate to my customized home page.


      Is there any documentation regarding how to do that...??


      In the customization of workspace documentation provided by Adobe I am able to get details only on Localization, Layout, and Theme customization.


      Please suggest...

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          Shashank Kapoor Adobe Employee

          Hi Ramu,


          The start page layout is specified by procmgmt_client_ui/src/lc/procmgmt/ui/layout/Welcome.mxml and the concerned presentation model is procmgmt_client_ui/src/lc/procmgmt/ui/layout/WelcomeModel.as. The main component used in Welcome page is procmgmt_client_ui/src/lc/procmgmt/ui/welcome/WelcomePane.mxml and its model is procmgmt_client_ui/src/lc/procmgmt/ui/welcome/WelcomePaneBase.as .


          The Welcome page displays the three main areas of Workspace:Start Process; To Do, and Tracking. These represent major divsion points in the end user's intent. Does the user want to initiate a new business process? Does the user want to complete tasks that have been assigned to him/her? or Does the user want to review past processes/tasks to check on their status? Along with providing this top level 'intent' split, various help links are provided realtive to each of those high level areas. Experienced users can choose to skip this Welcome page and, via Preferences, define in which area they want to start automatically.


          You might want to observe how WelcomePane.mxml is used to navigate to various parts of the Workspace application before you customise it or choose to build your own component in procmgmt_client_ui/src/lc/procmgmt/ui/welcome and include it in Welcome.mxml

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            Ramu Pasupuleti Level 1

            Hi Shakap,


            Thanks for the reply....