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    set annot contents to utf-8  in VB

    Techi Panda Level 2

      Hi Experts


      here is what i am doing.


      step 1


      Read text from input text file formated in UTF-8 encoding.


      step 2


      Stores the line of text to varible (includes greek letters and alpabets)


      step 3


      Adding annots to the pdf and set the stored value as contents


      I am using windows Acrobat 7 and VB. The problem is while setting the annots contents the alpabets and numbers appears fine but the greek charactes are converted to junk. I have seen the option in javascript scripting guide RichContents it works fine in Javascript console in acrobat.


      Is there any way to apply RichContents to the annot property using VB or how I have to deal with unicode characters to be shown in comment.


      Thanks in advance