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    movieclips loader loads png but does not display image in ie

    MatJansonBlanchet Level 1
      hello, i have created a static class to deal with the loading of images, it works great. yesterday, i found an issue: i try to load png files (those pngs are generated with quasimondo's bitmap exporter), they do load, but they are not displayed in ie.

      it worked until recently. is there some specification about the png that i have to make sure that the png has? or is there an issue using the movieclip loader with ie?

      i included the actionscript class (save the code in an .as file), so if you want to test, write only this in the first frame of your code:

      import com.iCongo.utils.MovieClips;
      this.createEmptyMovieClip ("placeholder", this.getNextHighestDepth ());
      MovieClips.loadIMG (this.placeholder, " http://somedomain.com/somepng.png");

      that image will load, but in the context of my flash file where many many files are loaded at the same time, only the block generated by the bitmap exporter will not show.