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    OSMF 2.0.2494 PlayButtonOverlay Appearing Issue




      I am new to osmf. I am creating a application for live video broadcast.


      I am using the latest build on the following url



      with flex 4.6


      I am facing a small issue ie.


      I have provided a path to the src for osmf strobe media player :




      This is just a test url/ Their are many test streams more for this .


      with this stream the buffering overlay is showing for a much larger duration after that the play button overlay is displayed in the middle.


      I just was to get the time for which the player tries to connect to the stream so that i can set the time to a smaller duration.


      Another this is that at which class the player shows the playbutton overlay in the middle of the player on some event.


      As with few such live stream the player do not enter the onMediaStateChange and onMediaError event handlers inorder to trigger the error if possible in stream.


      Kindly help !!!!!!!!