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    Blending Colors


      I have two areas of different plain colors, meeting at a hard edge. I want to blend the two areas so they merge gradually from one color into the other without any obvious edge


      I'm an inexperienced CS5 user and have spent hours trying to do this using various tools, without a decent result. There must be a way that I haven't found!

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Have you tried Gaussian Blur?

          Could you post a screenshot?

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            Roger9191 Level 1

            Thanks for the prompt reply!


            I selected the area that I want to blur, and then Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.  In the choices window I check Preview, but don't see anything in the preview window, only the checker background. However many pixels radius I choose, there is no preview and when I click OK there is no change to the scene.  This happens with any type of blur.  Do I have to do anything else after making the area selection before going to blur?


            I have also tried using the blur and smudge tools but these give lumpy results instead of a nice smooth transition.

            If it's relevant I have a 4.4GHz i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM so it shouldn't be a PC issue.


            The areas I want to blur are two areas of sky brought together by merging two landscapes. They are slightly different colors and I want to smooth them together.

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              Could you please post a screenshot with the Layers Panel visible?

              What do you have selectd (Selection- and Layer-wise)?

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                Sharon Huang Level 3

                It sounds like you are working on the wrong layer.

                In addition to what pfaffenbichler said, could you also post the photo that you want to blur? Thanks!

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                  Roger9191 Level 1

                  Yes you are both correct!

                  I had flattened the image to a single layer but somehow another layer had crept in and every time I Reverted after a failed attempt it brought the other layer back again.


                  I have done a blur over the image join and it takes care of the join between the two areas of different color. There are now two visible edges at the sides of the selected area that I blurred, so I need to do some more work. Ideally I need a graduated blur, not a solid one. But I can now see how to work with it and I will carry on.


                  As I said I'm very inexperienced with PS as it's not my main line of work.

                  Thank you both for your patience!

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                    c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                    You can use Selection > Modify > Feather to soften the Edges of the Selection.

                    Or duplicate the Layer, blur the whole of it and apply a black Layer Mask where you brush in visibility with white.

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                      Roger9191 Level 1

                      Yes I have just discovered the feather and I think it will do the job.


                      There is so much in PS! I think you must have to work with it every day to learn all the tools and not forget them.

                      Thanks again for your help

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                        c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                        If you have time to look into it further you should also check out Smart Objects – one can apply Filters as Smart Filters to those and apply a Mask to those (only one Mask for all Filters applied to one Smart Object-instance, though) and the Filter’s settings can be changed later on.