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    Tapping shift for mini flowchart


      Is anyone else having issues with the shortcut for opening the mini comp flowchart with CS6?


      I haven't worked out what may or may not cause it, but it seems to work very sporadically. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes not at all. Even inside the same project it seems to work for some comps and not others. I have a project open now for example where I can tap shift to open the flowchart in a comp upstream to choose all the linked comps downstream, but when I'm in the downstream ones tapping shift doesn't bring it back.


      I am using a wacom tablet which has thrown up a couple of other usability issues with CS6 (editing keyframes in Premiere for example), but this is surely a ketyboard operation and separate from a wacom pen.


      Otherwise, MacPro, OSX 10.7.4.


      Many thanks.

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          I've noticed this bug as well.  I've noticed that if you watch the thin green cache bar, whenever you look at a different comp it loads up.  There is even a dark grey part of it that loads sometimes.  Once that loading completes, the shift key starts working again.  It is a bug, if you press the mini flow chart button it works, so it's not like the miniflow chart is inexcessible.  I really hope they fix this. 

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Everyone who is having this problem:

            Try disabling the showing of cache indicators (deselect Show Cache Indicators in the Timeline panel menu) and see if the problem persists.